Help test and review Yet Another Space Shooter with the BETA Program, use this page to sign up for the BETA Program and to report bugs and problems with the game. 


Yet Another Space Shooter is fully playable, with all planed game features, and mechanics.  there are bugs, and areas that need improvement, however there are no known crashes or "Application Not Responding" errors. We hope that by using your feed back we will be able to provide a more enjoyable gaming experiance.

Thank you for your participation.


If you are not a BETA participant and still wish to report a bug or make a suggestion, please use the form below.

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Yet Another Space Shooter BETA Program


Sign up for the YASS Android BETA program here, and get a Free Game Key.

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Please alow 8 - 12 hours for a response to BETA sign up requests and 12 - 24 hours for a response to bug reports.

If you do not wish to wait for a free game key please visit the Google Play Store  to begin playing immediatly.


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Bug Details  

All IllStudios BETA Projects use a Console, that will let you view information that could help locate and resolve bugs.

When a bug is found, please include any information displayed on the main screen in the "Bug Details".


To access this feature on Android, touch the screen and drag in a circle, on all other platforms click and move your mouse in a circle any where on the screen. 


For detailed instructions and screen shots of the console please click here.


*Console only avalible in BETA Program.